ill fitting shoes by Syed Ammar Waris

سقFeminism is the hot potato in the town these days, everybody is busy
supporting or talking against it; both types think they are right when
basically they are just provoking and highlighting an issue which does
not even exists in our society. When every single person starts to talk or
think about even an illusion, the illusion does not remain illusion
anymore it becomes the reality. A forced reality out of nowhere leads
to misunderstandings that tend to destroy the ethics and the morals
from a society.
If you are a female reading this article then my sincere apologies if I end
up offending you in any manner but just give me a chance at least. I
have some simple questions, from where was it all started? Where has
all this #metoo come from? Where was “a woman can stand side
beside with man” originated? Where did it all begin? The answer, all of
this started from West where women after 4.543 billion years
concluded somehow that they are not given their due rights so a war
broke out, seems quite fair, doesn’t it. Women created their own
portal, started celebrating their own day then were finally their due
equal rights. Let us not forget all this struggle was carried out to get
equality in education, quotas, wages etc.
No one has any problem with the all those demands but that was not
all, it started getting worse when females start comparing themselves
with men in every
eh? Actually the problem is not the problem; the problem is the
mindless adaptation of what’s trending.
Western world claims that the women in west have freedom, by
freedom they mean women are independent, they have free will, they
have a non-marriage live-in culture, they let women walk on ramps,
roam on sidewalk and beaches in any number of cloth pieces she
prefers and no one bats an eye aka ‘she is safe’ etc. They have a
promising media to promote their cultures and mind sets, and here we
are desperately waiting to fall for any stupid thing and trend because
we know very little about our own eastern culture so we just get
inspired by others and follow suite blindly.
It is said, every story have two sides; one you see at the media and
another which is the truth. In Pakistan the media shows, men don’t let
women to work. Reality; in Pakistan most men only don’t let her do
those kind of jobs which are not suitable for her delicate self. Look
around to see women working in each and every respectful field in our
country like teaching, medicine, arts, engineering, business and welfare
services etc. Even they are highly praised for doing so. Though, it is very
unlikely to see a woman suspended by a rope painting the walls of a
building. Not like the women can’t work hard, we see a lot of women in
fields engaged in farming in Punjab. Media shows men don’t let women
earn money. Reality; men take all the responsibilities. Media shows our
society don’t let women stand side by side with men. Yes! That’s right;
we let women pay their bills first, yes! We don’t let women stand we
vacant our seats for them. We don’t complain about the hardships we
have to face, we never ask why suicidal rate of men is higher, most
people rotting in prisons are male and most labors are men. We don’t
complain about working in a coal mine because we accept this is the
way it is. That’s what we are made for, that’s how the world works.
I saw a lady holding a poster stating, “Balanced world is a better world.”
Of course it is but Darling balance and equality are two different things.
Balance is what we are trying to keep, giving everyone the piece they
are made for. In our society most women are sensible but this stupid
trend is corrupting their minds slowly like a poison and if this continues
we would be having a terrible generation soon.
What we can do to help is understand each other’s place for the sake of
our beautiful relations let it be parents, siblings, spouse or kids.
Understand their positions and responsibilities to know yours better. Be
productive and helpful for your family and society in your own beautiful
way instead of trying to walk in the shoes that don’t fit and makes
every step painful. As most importantly we have to be contented with
our lives because un-satisfaction depresses people and make the
pharmacists happy

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