Pakistan verses china products, by bint e ikhlaq

So today I want to talk about the Pakistani verses china products. Yesterday, I had to buy a cycle for my 3 years old. The shopkeeper showed us all the cycles and other things in his shop. There were some cycles which were very pretty and we had chosen one for our dolly but the shopkeeper had refrained us from buying that one. According to him, this cycle was made in china and it looks pretty but it was not durable. The cycles which were made in Pakistan, though not so pretty, but were durable and affordable as well.

This was a fact told us by a shopkeeper as he was a friend of my husband and they did not tell these secrets to every buyer. The price for the Chinese cycle was 2700(for us of course) and in comparison the price for the local, not so pretty bike, was 1400 only( for us ofcourse heheh). The purpose of this post is to tell you that every shining thing is not gold and every pretty thing is not durable as well so please if you want to buy something then do not just reject anything because it is made in Pakistan and prefer the things where are made in other countries. These things (sometimes) may be prettier then the Pakistani ones but it does not mean that it is a better choice. The Pakistani products are good in quality and cheaper in price. Lets all work together to strengthen our own community and country. Buy Pakistani products and make Pakistan more strong.

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