Healthy environment and our duty by binte ikhlaq

I keep all the mango seeds which I ate this season. I covered them with damp paper and put in a dark place because I want my Pakistan to be more green. One has grown proper roots and a bud as well. The second one has roots but no bud. The third one has grown a tiny bud but no roots yet and the last one has grown nothing.

I placed all of them at the same place, under same environmental conditions but I am surprised to see that how differently these four has grown. These seeds grow according to their abilities and strength. The one with roots and a big bud is the most intelligent one. Hana? No, all the seeds are different from one another in their abilities to grow, according to me.

By looking at these, I can easily assume that when we provide our children with the same facilties and same environment and of course we send them to same schools but they all perceive and absorb things according totheir own abilities. Like these seeds, I cannot force the vulnerable souls to act same. They are not same. They all are very different from each other. They are all unique in their own ways. Similar conditions cannot push them to act similarly.

So please let your kids observe, absorb and then act according to their own abilities. Don’t force them to follow the foot steps of others. Don’t force them to blindly follow others but encourage them to enhance their own abilities and act according to their wishes. When you give them the free hand, they will grow better and in the best way. Let them choose what they want to be as we want our kids to b happy and satisfied and not just successful.

اس خبر پر اپنی رائے کا اظہار کریں

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